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$40 a Day, Tiki Style

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Welcome to a tropical hideaway, you lucky people you! Recently, the Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast invited me onto their show to play $40 A Disney Day – Disneyland Style. Since I enjoy food, and this particular game, I thought I’d share my different meal options as I prepared my entries for the show.

Their show, their rules, and here is how $40 A Disney Day is played in the Tiki Hut: Three purchases must be made, a snack, a counter service meal and a table service meal. The table service meal must include an 18% gratuity, and sales tax is excluded from the prices. For consistency, everyone playing the game on the episode used for pricing information. As well, it was explained in pre-show discussion the game was taking place only in Disneyland, meaning Downtown Disney and Disney California Adventure were off limits.

For the episode I created two meal plans, although only one made it to the recording session. The first plan was to spend as little money as possible, while the second was to get as much as I could out of the budget. For Team Thrifty, it was off to Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street USA for a simple yet delicious Matterhorn Macaroon. This coconut treat is easy on the wallet, setting me back by $1.99. Snack time for Team Penny Worth was a dash over to the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square, stopping for an order of Mickey Beignets. The three-pack of powder-sugar covered pillows of dough run $4.19.
Mickey BeignetsMatterhorn Macaroon

Now that snacks have been consumed, its off to counter service meals. Team Penny Worth is heading towards the Harbour Gallery, along the Rivers of America in Critter Country, to partake in the Lobster Roll, which is served on a brioche roll, and is served with chips. This high-end sandwich comes with a matching price tag, $14.99. Meanwhile, Team Thrifty is crossing Main Street and heading over to Plaza Inn for a meal, which will be a la carte. Here’s a travel tip: although it does not say so on the menu, you are able to order chicken apart from the listed chicken dinner on the menu. You will miss out on the mashed potatoes and the green beans, but one chicken breast will set you back $3.59 and a buttermilk biscuit will cost $1.29. Coupled with a glass of ice water, this meal comes in at $4.88.Chicken and Biscuit

Lobster Roll

As we look at the table service challenge, this is where things get tricky, due to lack of options. Disneyland Park only has four table service locations, and one is the exclusive Club 33, so that is off the table before even looking at prices (which would also eliminate it from consideration) This leaves only Carnation Cafe on Main Street, Blue Bayou & Cafe Orleans, both in New Orleans Square.

Team Thrifty is ready to depart Main Street and is therefore heading over to Cafe Orleans, where a personal favorite is being ordered, the Monte Cristo. This sandwich, full of turkey, ham, and swiss cheese is then battered and deep fried to a golden brown. This delicacy is worthy being thrifty during the rest of the day for a splurge, as it costs $18.99, plus an 18% tip of $3.42. Meanwhile, Team Penny Worth is heading to Carnation Cafe. It’s another chicken meal, this time a boneless buttermilk fried chicken breast meal, served with mashed potatoes with gravy and seasonal vegetables. This filling meal takes $16.49 out of the budget, with an additional $2.97 being reserved for gratuity. Monte Cristo Carnation Cafe Chicken Dinner

Team Thrifty and Team Penny Worth both came well under budget. Even with its table service splurge, Team Thrifty had over ten dollars remaining on their budget, while Team Penny Worth had just over a dollar remaining. There are questions outstanding though: which menu was played on the Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast, and did the “judges” find the selections allowable? Listen to Episode 98 to find out (show is available through the link at the top of the page).


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  1. Rodney Stanton says:

    In my opinion he restaurants at Disneyland are great! I had the Cristo again 3 days ago. The drinks and food at Carthay Circle Are great. If you like whisky watch them make a Manhattan!

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