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Treasures From the Disney Vault

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Exciting news has come from the Walt Disney Company, and it involves the legendary vault! As reported through various media outlets, Disney has partnered with Turner Classic Movies to enhance/update The Great Movie Ride at Disney Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. While this is exciting in itself, as it shows the park will not be losing one of its opening day attractions, even as the park goes through a long-rumored, yet confirmed overhaul, this is not the only take away from the announcement.


Also revealed were new details of the TCM series “Treasures From the Disney Vault”, which will premier on the network on December 21 at 8 pm. According to the press release issued by Disney and Turner Classic Movies, the series will highlight many of the live-action Disney features of the 1950s and 60s. Expect four or five programming blocks a year.

The series premier will be an all evening event, with many different shows being aired. The night begins with a series of three holiday and winter themed animated shorts, followed by the 1954 show The Disneyland Story, when Walt announced his Anaheim park to the world. The Reluctant Dragon, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, The Vanishing Prairie, Third Man on the Mountain, and Perilous Assignment are also scheduled to be aired that night.

Quest for Vault Disney was started a year and a half ago in hopes of having a Classic Disney channel created. While we are not at this point yet, seeing many of the Disney productions that have been locked in the vault released again, via Turner Classic Movies, is an exciting step in the right direction. Here is hoping viewers agree with me and tune in to watch these shows as they are released. Joining with me in celebrating the union of Disney and Turner Classic Movies!

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