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Gawrsh! A Goofy Birthday!

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It’s time to celebrate another Disney birthday, this time of one of my favorite animated characters, Goofy. The anthropomorphic dog made his debut on May 25, 1932 under the name of Dippy Dawg in the Mickey Mouse short Mickey’s Revue. Dippy Dawg would make several appearances in supporting roles in cartoons through the thirties. Typically, these shorts would include Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, such as Clock Cleaners (1937) and Mickey’s Trailer (1938).

Dippy Dawg saw his name changed to the now famous Goofy in 1939 prior to the release of his first starring role, Goofy and Wilbur.  This short marks the first time George Johnson lends his voice to the talking dog. Until Goofy and Wilbur the voice was provided by Pinto Colvig.  The reason for the change in Colvig had left the Disney Company in 1039, but would return in 1944, and would resume the role of Goofy at that time until his death in 1967.


The comedic dog has appeared in over 70 animated shorts. Following the death of Colvig, no new would be created for nearly 20 years.  Hal Smith would give the voice life  in 1983 for Mickey’s Christmas Carol, where Goofy played the role of Jacob Marley.  Bill Farmer took over the voice in 1986, and is still the voice of Goofy today. With Farmer providing the voice, Goofy has gone through a resurgence, starting with the Disney Afternoon series Goof Troop, which aired initially for two seasons in 1992-93.

In Goof Troop Goofy portrays a single father to his son, Max. The 78 episode series lead to A Goofy Movie in 1995 and its 2000 Direct to Video sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie. Both films continue the saga of Goofy and the growing up Max.  Following the films, Goofy continues to appear in various television series, including House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


From a comedic sidekick to his own animated shorts, series and movies, Goofy has proven to be quite versatile for the Disney Company.  Happy 82nd birthday to Goofy!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I was just thinking about Wilbur the other day….it was always one of my favorite cartoons…and then on mickey mouse club house (although I didn’t watch the episode) I was very happy to hear he made an appearance; although it did sound like he was daisy’s pet that got loose and goofy and the gang was trying to find him

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  3. That’s just awesome….one day before my birthday!

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