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Walt Disney & Oscar – A Historic Relationship

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With today being the Academy Awards in Hollywood, its a good time to look at Walt Disney and his record setting 22 individual competitive awards, along with 4 special merit awards.  No individual has received more Oscar statues than Walt Disney, and no one has received more nominations than Walt’s 59 nominations.  Here then is a quick look at the Academy Awards earned by Walt Disney himself, looking first at the competitive awards, then the special merit awards:

1932 – Flowers and Trees – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

(No Academy Award Ceremony was held in 1933)

1934 – Three Little Pigs – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)


1935 – The Tortoise and the Hare – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1936 – Three Orphan Kittens – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1937 – The Country Cousin – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1938 – The Old Mill – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1939 – Ferdinand the Bull – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1940 – The Ugly Duckling – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1942 – Lend a Paw – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1943 – Der Fuehrer’s Face – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)


1949 – Seal Island – Best Short Subject (Two-reel)

1951 – In Beaver Valley – Best Short Subject (Two-reel)

1952 – Nature’s Half Acre – Best Short Subject (Two-reel)

1953 – Water Birds – Best Short Subject (Two-reel)

1954 – The Living Desert – Best Documentary (Feature)


1954 – The Alaskan Eskimo – Best Documentary (Short Subject)

1954 – Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

1954 – Bear Country – Best Short Subject (Two-reel)

1955 – The Vanishing Prairie – Best Documentary (Feature)

1956 – Men Against the Arctic – Best Documentary (Short Subject)


1959 – Grand Canyon – Best Short Subject (Live Action)

1969 (Posthumous) Winne The Pooh and the Blustery Day – Best Short Subject (Cartoon)

It should be noted the award for Best Animated Feature was not awarded until 2001.

Walt Disney also received four honorary awards:

1932 – a statuette for the creation of Mickey Mouse

1939 – a statuette with seven miniature statuettes; for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

2013-11-23 16.14.12

1942 – Certificate of Merit, awarded to Disney, William Garity, John N. A. Hawkins and RCA for contribution of sound in motion pictures in the Fantasia.

1942 – Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award; given to “Creative producers, whose bodies of work reflect a consistently high quality of motion picture production.”

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  1. Diane Wilshere says:

    He also set a record for most wins in one year and most nominations in one year. 1954 -6 nominations, 4 wins as you list above.

  2. […] mentioned though, there is plenty of general Disney history to go over, including Dick Van Dyke!  Walt Disney and the Oscars! And a personal fave, the early days of Disney video rentals. I am just young enough that I did not […]

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