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Same Challenge, Different Coast

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After the recent look at Disneyland meals, eating for less that $40 a day, I issued a challenge to readers, asking to propose a park and entrée, and I would design a $40 meal plan from there.  Instead, I received a different challenge from Michelle of the Disney Dream Girls Podcast. She proposed a day trip to Disney Hollywood Studios, and seeing who could complete the challenge by coming closest to $40 without going over.

Dream Girls

As always, the rules are as follows: Each person must eat three times, a snack, a counter service meal and a table service meal that includes a 20% tip.  Annual Pass discounts do not apply, and Disney Dining Credits do not apply as well.  We both are carrying water bottles with us, which will cut down on costs for beverages. Michelle has been to WDW several times, whereas I have been there once, nearly ten years ago, so the initial advantage goes to her.  Both of us used the website to ensure accuracy of prices.

Let’s start with Counter Service. Michelle selected the Asian Salad from the ABC Commissary on the Streets of America, taking $7.19 out of her budget.  I am choosing a stop at Tocula Legs Turkey Co. on Sunset Blvd. I am getting the Jumbo Turkey Leg, which is served with a bag of chips.  Turkey legs are a traditional Disney staple, very juicy and very filling.  This meal puts me back $11.49


Shifting next to our Midday Snacks: Michelle is heading to Hollywood Blvd to visit the Starring Rolls Café, where she is purchasing a Chocolate Butterfinger Cupcake for $3.99, and I cannot argue that choice at all.  I am staying on Sunset Blvd, where I am purchasing a large Mickey Mouse Chocolate Chip Cookie for $5.49. Chocolate Chip Cookie? What else needs to be said?


Even being friends, Michelle and I cannot agree on where to eat dinner, and we go off on our own again for our table service meals.  Michelle is heading off to Echo Lake for a 50’s Prime Time Café experience.  She is ordering Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken dinner, served with mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, and collared greens with bacon for $17.99. Because she “cannot eat without a dessert,” she’s spending another $4.99 on S’mores. I am finally venturing off Sunset Blvd, heading to the Streets of America for an experience at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant.  I’m grabbing a marbled rye Reuben Sandwich, served with a side of French fries for $13.49.  I’m splurging and grabbing and Oreo Cookie Milkshake for $4.99 as well.


The good news: two completely different dining plans, both seem like winning game plans, thinking with my stomach.  Thinking with wallets, both also work. Michelle came in at $38.78, whereas I came in $39.21. Combined, that leaves $2.01 left over, which will buy two pressed pennies with a bit of change, but not much else.  Not even a cup of small coffee.  Trust me on that.

MichelleReceipt QFVDReceipt2

I thank you for taking the time to read this today. I ask you would please leave comments.  You may contact me directly on Twitter @Quest4VaultDisn, and you may also subscribe to be alerted by email when new postings are published. Quest for Vault Disney is now on Facebook. Please visit Have a great rest of your day. See ya real soon…


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