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The Subs Shall Rise (sink?) Again!

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Welcome back to our tour of attractions removed from ExtinctAttractionLand! Or, if you’re just joining us, welcome aboard!  As we head out of the Sleeping Beauty Walk Through, lets head into Fantastyland, around the teacups and past the Matterhorn into Tomorrowland, and to our next stop, the Submarine Voyage.

Stop…Let’s not argue semantics.  I’ve hear the rumors.  The subs are currently “under refurbishment” according to Disneyland. According to the internet, they won’t be back, and something else will take its place.  Until such rumors are confirmed by Disney, the subs are a part of Disneyland, and not ExtinctAttractionLand. My blog, my rules.  All right, pressing forward!

As part of the first major overhaul in Tomorrowland, the Submarine Voyage, which had already been running for a week,  was dedicated on June 14, 1959, along with the Monorail and the Matterhorn Bobsleds.  Created by General Dynamics, a company that built actual submarines, these “subs” were more of a tour bus than a sub, as they never were fully submerged under the water.  The subs follow a track through the concrete lagoon, which holds nine million gallons of water.

Grey subs

The 15 minute voyage took park guests through a waterfall and into a hidden building, which the Autopia cars ran on top of. Guests on both sides of the sub saw the same mirrored view through their individual port holes.  The military inspired diesel powered subs were steel grey until 1986 when they were painted yellow.  The subs would run for another 12 years, until September 8, 1998 when they were shut down, deemed out of date.  Ride capacity was also a reason given for the subs being closed, as each of the eight subs in the Disney fleet could only 38 passengers per voyage.

With the lagoon drained, the Submarine queue was filled in 2001 with the Autopia Winner’s Circle Gift Shop.  In 2006, the shop was moved out of the area, and construction walls surrounded the lagoon.  On June 11, 2007 the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage debuted with electric motors, creating a retelling of the Finding Nemo story through video and, artificial plants and sea creatures.


As noted before, the submarines are currently “under refurbishment” for an extended period, but is scheduled to return at some point. This concludes our continuing tour of revived Disneyland attractions, coming up next, another Tomorrowland classic. I thank you for taking the time to read this today. I ask you would please leave comments.  You may contact me directly on Twitter @Quest4VaultDisn, and you may also subscribe to be alerted by email when new postings are published. Quest for Vault Disney is now on Facebook. Please visit Have a great rest of your day. See ya real soon…



  1. toonsmith says:

    I remember how much fun it was to climb into one of the subs. It did take awhile to load up and I remember it being very cramped inside. You sat in front of a porthole and at the base of the porthole, there was a little vent blowing out fresh air. I had trouble with mine, as someone plugged it up with chewing gum and I was left gasping for air while oogling the underwater mermaids waving at me. It did get a tad warm in that sub and fresh air felt good climbing out of it. A fun experience.

  2. The lagoon should stay.subs station permanently in lagoon.guest enter from walkways into subs each porthole has finding Nemo. Sub caverns become new attraction area as well as reducing A utopia back to midgets.and utilizing that area for another new attraction.

  3. […] but were dedicated along with the Monorail and Matterhorn Mountain on June 14. Truthfully, the subs weren’t subs, never submerged under the Tomorrowland Lagoon, and unlike the Phantom Boats […]

  4. […] as the Submarine Voyage, closed since 1998, opened to the public again on June 11, 2007 as Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The now electric subs took guests on a tour of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, searching […]

  5. […] but were dedicated along with the Monorail and Matterhorn Mountain on June 14. Truthfully, the subs weren’t subs, never submerged under the Tomorrowland Lagoon, and unlike the Phantom Boats […]

  6. […] we could knock out a large bloc of attractions in a short time in this area. Michelle headed to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage to hold a spot for me while I dashed up the Space Mountain entrance ramp to garner two FastPasses […]

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