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Yes World, There is Magic to Believe In

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Hello, and welcome back to my thoughts and musings.  Today I would like to look at an item that predates Walt Disney himself.  One simple item that was first published on September 21, 1897 in The Sun, from New York.


This one column entry, titled “Is There A Santa Claus“, is an unsigned editorial in response to a letter written by eight year old Virginia O’Hanlon.  Virginia asked The Sun if there was a Santa Claus, as her classmates had told her there is not, and her father had told her “If you see it in The Sun, its so.”  The response states “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”  The response explains to Virginia there is magic in the world, as long as one believes.  There are several aspects to the world that are unseen but are accepted as truth.

This item has become one of the most recognized items published in any newspaper.  It has been made into animated specials, printed each year, put on postage stamps.    So, how does this article related to Disney?

Almost anyone who has been to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, or seen a Mickey Mouse short or animated feature knows there is a certain “Disney Magic”.  An escape to a simpler time.  A place where imagination and make believe replaces the stresses and worries of the real world.

The magic of Santa Claus does the same thing.  It brings families together.  It creates a magical time for a month, where children write their lists and work hard at being good so they can see their wish lists come true.  It creates the same sense of happiness and joy as a Disney movie does.  In my mind, Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus create the same joy, the same happiness, and require the same sense of belief.


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