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Patriot’s Day ~ The Disney Version

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Hello, and welcome back to my thoughts and musings. As America reflects and remembers this Patriot’s Day, I choose to take a look at a Disney version

of Patriot Francis Marion, also known The Swamp Fox.


Debuting on October 23, 1959 as an “occasional serial” during the Walt Disney Presents series on ABC. Based loosely on the life of Marion during the American Revolution, the series starred the late Leslie Neilsen as The Swamp Fox. John Sutton portrayed Colonel Banastre Tarleton, Neilsen’s primary adversary in the series and during the war.

The real life Marion was a Colonel for the American troops during the Revolution. He would lead small groups of men in “guerrilla warfare”, ambushing British troops. Tarleton was ordered by the British to capture and execute Marion as punishment for his attacks. The sly Swamp Fox managed to elude capture and later served as a state senator in South Carolina.

In the Disney version, the Swamp Fox lasted for eight episodes, running until 1961. On interesting note: the theme song Swamp Fox was sung by Leslie Neilsen himself. The Disney Company had hoped Swamp Fox would gain the same success as Davy Crockett, but the ratings did not match the Alamo legend.

The Disney Channel did re-air episodes of Swamp Fox in the late 1990s and early 2000s as part of the late night Vault Disney block. Three of the eight episodes were released on a Walt Disney Treasures DVD in 2005, but the complete series has yet to be released on DVD or Blu-Ray. I personally think this would be a good addition to the Disney collection and needs to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray, and aired again.

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