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In Remembrance – Ron Dias

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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and ideas.  In a week where I have been reflecting on the 2013 Disney Legends, it is necessary to pause and mourn the loss of a future Disney Legend.  Animator Ron Dias passed away on July 30.


Dias began his career with Disney in 1956, working as a clean up artist on Sleeping Beauty. Following the project, Dias became an illustrator for Disney Golden Books for children, along with doing animation for the Hanna-Barbera company, including Yogi Bear and Jonny Quest.

During his 50 year career, Dias was also a color sylist, working on projects such as The Secret of Nihm and also the video game Dragon’s Lair. According to the Ron Dias website, Nihm was Dias’ favorite project.  Throughout his career, Ron remained a freelance artist for Disney and would return to do projects such as The Little Mermaid television series as an art director, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit as a key background artist.

Ron Dias even had a hand in the Disney Parks, as he help create the concept art for Tokyo DisneySeas.  Throughout his career Dias enjoyed interacting with his fans and would often visit group meetings to share stories of his career.  Ron Dias was 76 years old.

As I mentioned earlier, Ron Dias has not been named a Disney Legend award recipient at this point, but I believe he was worthy to receive this honor and will likely receive posthumously.

I apologize for not including samples of Ron’s work with this piece, but with copyright laws and a lack of express written consent, I can only encourage you to visit

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