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My Favorite Disneyland Attractions Is…

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Hello, and welcome to my Disney thoughts.  I appreciate you taking a few moments of your day to read my thoughts and ramblings.


I’m stepping out of my traditional subject of Vault Disney, in that I’m not looking at Disney television shows that are no longer available to watch on television. I’m also not going to be pushing Disney to create a separate channel for classic Disney shows like Wonderful World of Disney or Mickey Mouse Club.  Today, I want to focus on one of my pseudo-pet peeves.


It’s a question I get asked anytime I start talking about Disneyland: What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland?

The answer is:  It depends.

I love roller coasters, so sometimes I want to hit Space Mountain first thing, or at least grab a Fastpass for it.  Other times, I want adventure and claim Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye as my favorite ride.


Sometimes, I don’t want the adventure and crazy thrills, twists and turns… I’m a daddy,  my little ones, they aren’t into the high-speed-turbulent-roller-coaster-adventures that I enjoy.  Since my top priority is to make them happy, my favorite ride is whatever ride they love to death. Yes…even a looooong boat ride through a giant clock.


If I am completely honest with myself (and if I can’t  be honest with myself, who can I  be honest with), sometimes my favorite part of the Disneyland isn’t even the rides.  There are so many other things to see and to hear.  My friends Paul and Jeremiah from the Window to the Magic podcast remind me of that all the time now.  (If you haven’t even listened to this podcast, give it a try, and surround yourself with the magic).

Sitting back and just listening to the band play, or a stage show, like Jedi Training Academy while waiting in line for the Finding Nemo Submarines is another favorite activity.

Besides being a daddy and a blogger, I’m also a foodie.  Sometimes a favorite activity is just eating in the park. Hungry Bear, Plaza Inn, Village Haus, Pizza Port, or theLittle Red Wagon on Main Street USA, it doesn’t matter, just feed me and I’m happy.


Basically, it comes down to this: I cannot pick a favorite ride.  It depends on the mood I’m in that day, who I am with, and what is happening in the park.  Disneyland is an entity, its impossible to single out any one item that is liked more then the other.  Just like I cannot tell you whom is my favorite child, I cannot tell you my favorite ride.  It just is not possible.

I thank you for taking the time to read this today. I ask you would please leave comments.  You may contact me directly on Twitter @Quest4VaultDisn, and you may also subscribe to be alerted by email when new postings are published. Quest for Vault Disney is now on Facebook. Please visit Have a great rest of your day. See ya real soon…


Oh, and for the record, my least favorite ride at Disneyland is…the tram to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure at the end of the day. I don’t wanna go home…


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