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Big Bands at Disneyland

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Hello, and welcome back to my thoughts and ramblings.  Growing up, my favorite station on TV was The Disney Channel, if you haven’t figured that out by now.  Even at five, going on six, I loved being able to see anything about Disneyland in particular, especially as we got closer to a family vacation to Anaheim.  Any show would do.  Even, and especially, Big Bands at Disneyland.

The series, hosted by Peter Marshall, was filmed at the Carnation Plaza at the end of Main Street USA.  It was filmed weekly, and only aired new episodes until September, though reruns continued to air.


Although the series lasted for one summer, Big Bands and swing music continue to appear at the park. The first Cavalcade of Big Bands occurred on July 2, 1962.  The musical experience continued to appear at the Carnation Plaza Gardens until April 28, 2012, when the Plaza Gardens closed to make room for the Fantasy Faire, a Disney Princess meet and greet experience.

Bands continued to play in the Downtown Disney District during the construction process, and returned to perform inside the Fantasy Faire on June 15, 2013 inside the Fantasy Faire theater.

Some of The Big Bands at Disneyland were released on VHS and laserdisc.  These released are not currently available, except for on Ebay on ocassion.  With the tradition of music that exists in Disneyland, such performances should be made available for the public, unable to enter the park, to enjoy.


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  1. Jim Scott says:

    Have been visiting Disneyland since the week before it opened. I especially enjoyed going to hear the Big Bands when they played at the Park during the summer session. I had Prime Ticket and watched the Disney Channel when it first started and have tapes of the 1970’s session of Big Bands at Disneyland. The only problem is the audio. It is very week. I still enjoy watching, though, as I enjoy the music and it brings back plenty of good memories of both the music and the musicians that played it in those bands that I knew. Wish the Disney would release them on remastered DVDs. Great entertainment tha is slowly fading away…

  2. Rodney Stanton says:

    When I graduated (1961) at “Grad Night” They had several “Trad Jazz bands- Yerba Buena, Firehouse5+2 are the names I remember. Also some “Swing Bands” -Benny Goodman is the only name I am sure of; but may have been one of the Dorsey bands as well. Many of my friends liked the music; but none could “Jitter Bug”.

    • Jim Scott says:

      I have the whole original series that was broadcase on Prime Ticket and they are not the same ones on You Tube right now but the older ones that Disney broadcast on their channel. The only sad part is that the audio is very faded becase of how it was originally recorded…

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