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Walt Disney Home Movies

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Friday Night! Home Movie Night in front of the TV and VCR!  Uh…for those who don’t know:


This is a VHS.  But I digress.  It’s movie night!  Before Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, it was a trip to the mom and pop shop to rent a movie,  and you were really never sure what you would get. You knew it would be a good night if you saw:

I loved seeing “Neon Mickey” from 1979, this version and the updated version that followed in 1983:

In 1986 Neon Mickey went away and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice made his debut as the Home Video logo.

This Mickey model lasted until 1992, when Walt Disney Home Videos declared itself the gold standard of VHS:

All these were exciting, as we knew we were going to watch a Disney movie of some sort (Old Yeller? Sleeping Beauty? The Love Bug?)  but first we had to watch the coming attractions!  What we really wanted to see what the start of the movie.

Of course, even the blue screen castle has been retired and we have a completely new, CGA castle to announce the start of the movie.

Technology is great, and the current logos are very exciting, but I miss Neon Mickey.

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  1. jeremy says:

    Great logos to say the least, knew a good movie was coming. I have always liked the 3D castle used to start Toy Story, I also liked the image used recently to start Oz The Great and Powerful.

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